Jeju Music Festival
Yang Bang-ean, Art Director

Hi everybody!
I am Yang Bang-ean, Art Director of Jeju Music Festival.

Jeju Island is a very special place for me because it is my father’s hometown. Since I was little, I have heard a lot about the island from my father. Beautiful waves of turquoise ocean and soft beams of sunlight…My father has always longed to be in the island as he had to live his whole life in Japan. And in the summer of 1998, I finally made it to Jeju. I was so excited and deeply moved and got the dream to perform my music in the island. The dream finally came true in the summer of 2013. I held the first concert of ‘Jeju Fantasy’ in the Jeju Stone Park, located in beautiful Gotjawal at the foot of Mt. Halla. All the musicians and audience sang of Jeju together and the excitement we had has become a cornerstone of ‘Jeju Music Festival (JMF)’. Year by year, more number of local musicians as well as artists from Japan, the US, Cuba, etc., take part in the representative festival of Jeju. This year, another fantastic music festival is coming up soon! DO NOT MISS 2017 JMF this summer! Let’s enjoy the cool music and performance, and build good memories surrounded by the beautiful nature of Jeju.

Yours sincerely, Yang Bang-ean